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A Letter to a Young Man who Has Just Entered College William P. Atkinson

A Letter to a Young Man who Has Just Entered College

William P. Atkinson

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free.Excerpt from book:Section 1HARVARD COLLEGE LIMAM GIFT OF THt IADVATF 8CM9IM OF tOUCANO**. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849, by Wm. Crosby and H. P. Nichols, in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. CAMBRIDGE: METCALF AND COMPANY, PRINTERS TO THE UNIVERSITY. NOTE. Thk following Letter was originally intended for a single pupil. The author became interested in his work, and, thinking it might not be unprofitable to other pupils beside his own, has had it printed. Section 2LETTER. Dear N , It appears to me, now that you are leaving me for a position in which you will have to depend, far more than ever before, upon yourself, that I can give you a little good advice, such as was textit{not given me when in the same situation, and such as I consequently had to gain by dire experience and many mistakes. In speaking from my own experience, I may not always speak to your wants - characters and wants are very different- but there are some great truths which underlie all experience. I shall probably be able to say much that you can make useful, and that you must select. Listen to advice, and take it if you think it good - but dont let it be imposed upon you, for it may not really belong to you. Some may object to this rule, as fostering presumption in young men, whose duty many hold to be obediently to follow the opinion of their elders. For my part, I value independence of character above all other qualities. A young man who goes to college is not, or should not be, too young to take charge of himself- —a charge which he is never, so long as he lives, to remit or delegate to others. Whatever else you are or are not, be textit{yourself- — and so take what of my advice approves itself to your reason and good judgment, and no more. Choose rather to be con...