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Fortunes Choice Elissa Curry

Fortunes Choice

Elissa Curry

Published March 1st 1986
ISBN : 9780425089101
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 About the Book 

Intent on blowing her last ten bucks in style, down on-her-luck socialite Joey Fortune sweeps into exclusive Bluefelters restaurant--never expecting a dashing stranger with a Rhett Butler grin to gallantly invite her to dinner! Only after the four-star meal does neer-do-well Nick Narntenter blithely confess that he, too, is broke!Undaunted by dishwashing, the blue-eyed devil proposes they join forces to sell ice cream--and Joey promptly deduces that Nicks smooth talk and hot kisses will supply months of sundaes! The taste of success...and of Nicks heart-melting passion ...prove incredibly sweet--until Joey uncovers the rogues real reason for pursuing their partnership.